Vikrant’s hygiene woes on sets!

Some people might think that acting is the most glamorous job in the world. But actors have to go through number of things while prepping up for their roles, something some of the most uncomfortable things  From sleepless nights to one’s self care everything can go for a toss. Just how recently Vikrant Massey who was shooting in Ranchi for his next upcoming movie “Death at the Gunj” directed by Konkana Sen Sharma didn’t bath for a week, and didn’t wash his hair for a whole month on his director Konkana’s special request .

vikrant massey vikrant massey (1)

As he needed a unkept and unruly look for his character in a major chunk of the movie, Vikrant was instructed by Konkana to compromise on his hygiene for a huge period of time. The portion of the film was a very pivotal one and it required him to look in a certain way In order to get the look of the character right and also get the feel of his character he did this.

When contacted Vikrant he said :

“There are various products which one can use to look rugged and make one’s hair give a rough look considering my hair are too frizzy and required a texture for the demand of the role. However there was a journey which the character required which made more sense by naturally leaving the hair and let them be rugged and raw on their own.. The place that we shot in was a small muddy town in ranchi and it really got difficult after a time to deal with a no shower thing however in the end it was all worth it.”

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