Rina Charaniya overcomes aqua-phobia

May 30th 2016, Mumbai: Actress Rina Charaniya was scared of water since she was a kid, but has totally overcome over her aqua phobia. Rina has learnt swimming extensively over the last two months. Rina said, “Swimming is the best form of exercise. And also helps to relive oneself from the sweltering heat of Mumbai. I now try to swim five days a week if my schedule allows for the same.”

Rina earlier dreaded water and this was the reason why missed out on a couple of underwater shoot assignments. On the same Rina says, “When I was a kid, I fell into the swimming pool while playing with my cousin. My cousin saved me at that time, but since then I had aqua-phobia. I have overcome my phobia.

Rina Chanariya Rina Chanariya (1)

Overcoming challenges is what defines an actress, hence I believe in – never say never. I did learn swimming and I feel very happy that I have overcome one of the fears in my life.”

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