Actor Tanuj Virwani Cancels all film promotion due to Injury

Bollywood in its movies shows loads of action; however some actors have witnessed these scenes in their real life too. To get success and fame, Bollywood actors have to do a lot of hard work which gives rise to health issues. and Injuries are as much as part of an actor’s life as they are of sports person’s. With all the non-stop travelling, shoots at remote locations, Bollywood actors are much prone to get injured and falling sick. Recently Actor Tanuj Virwani cancelled all the promotional events planned for “One Night Stand” with Sunny Leone after he sprained his leg and hurt his hamstring which was an old injury that cropped up because of playing cricket a day before promotion. As Tanuj is a very big fan of Cricket and whenever he gets the free time he involves himself in physical activity but this time he has to face a painful situation. In fact, he was even seen limping at the airport when he landed back in Mumbai. The team of “One Night Stand”, which has been travelling to various cities in India for promotions, where Sunny Leone will be seen at promotions but Actor Tanuj Virwani will be away from all this. Reason? because of his leg injury.

Tanuj Virwani1 Tanuj Virwani

A source says, “We were in Bangalore Tanuj had to leave his studio visits and pre-slotted interactions, as the pain was unbearable. He flew back to Mumbai immediately. We couldn’t do much apart from apologising to all his fans.”

The actor will miss out all his film’s promotions. However, he intends to complete the promotions in some other cities but not able to walk. Sources say, “Tanuj was very excited about the city tours, but because of his leg got sprained and he has to cancel all the promotional part of himself.”

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