a filmmaker like Sanjay Leela Bhansali can make a film like Rowdy Rathore, why cannot a poet lyricist like me write such stuff “- Faaiz Anwar

Faaiz Anwar who has written hit songs for films like Dil Hai Ki Maanta Nahin, Saajan, Imtehan, Tum Bin, Jab We Met, Hello Brothers and recently Dabang (Tere Mast Mast Do Nain) and Rowdy Rathod (Chikni Kamar) is known as the Emperor of romantic songs, is now all set to bring a youth oriented romantic comedy called Love Ke Funday as a producer under the banner of FRV Big Business Entertainment Private Limited. Faaiz Anwar and Prem Prakash Gupta are the producers of the film which has been written and directed by Indervesh Yogee. The film is all set for release in July this year.Excerpts from the conversation with the lyricist cum producer Faaiz Anwar:-

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How did you veer towards production all of a sudden?

It isn’t a decision that I took overnight. Earlier too I had made an unsuccessful attempt at production, but this time around, along with my patner Prem Prakash Gupta, I am getting into this in a  big way. Four films are at different stages of the production under my banner.  Love Ke Funday is first to release and soon other will follow. I feel no pressure concentrating on both – writing songs and production of films.

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Did you set out to make a romcom just because you are known for your romantic films?

Love Ke Funday isn’t just a romcom but a youth oriented film keeping the younger generation of today in mind.It is a musical film full of romance and comedy and the story revolves around the romantic ups and downs of four boys and girls. Indervesh Yogeehas done shown his finesse as director in his debut film. He is a very focused director who knows his job. It is a beautiful film and I am sure the audiences will like.

Why did you opt for new faces instead of big stars for your film?

Decision to take new faces was driven by my convenience and the requirement of the script. It is easy to make a film with new faces as there is absolutely no date hassles. If you cast stars, you have no other alternative but to run after them for their dates. The biggest strength of my film are its script and its cast. In any case, big stars  do not necessarily guarantee the success of any film and films flop or click irrespective of  stars or new faces. It is the content of the film that matters. On the contrary, films with new faces have clicked more than star studded films in the recent past.

Do you think like Gulzar and Shailendra, you also would click as a producer in films?

Gulzar Shaheb had produced and directed several films of which some were hits. Shailendraji had made only one film which did not click. I have now entered the field of film production and it is my attempt to have my own individual identity here too like I have made in the field of writing lyrics and poems. I am confident that I will be bestowed with the same kind of love here too by the people. My aim is to make films on untouched subjects which no one has dared to make. My forthcoming film Love Ke Funday is an out and out commercial film and I hope the public would like it.

Why did you write very few songs in recent times?

I was busy trying to float my own production house and establish myself as a producer. I was trying to gauge what kinds of subjects are being made into films. If there was any story which was worth I was ready to write the lyrics or else I used to turn down offers bluntly. I want to concentrate not on quantity and but on quality. I only want to write lyrics which touch one’s heart. These days many lyricists have started mushrooming, who do not even know what a tune is or the head or tail of lyrics writing but they continue to write. The public is also enjoying their songs and what’s more they become hits too but do not last for more than a week.

But haven’t written such songs?

Sometimes I too write lyrics just for fun and to appese the producer and director. I too have to survive in the changing times and have no other alternative. I had to write Chikni Kamar Pe Teri Mera Dil Fisal Gaya, Chammak Challo Chail Chabeeli too, since the film Rowdy Rathod was produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. If a filmmaker like Sanjay Leela Bhansali can make a film like this, why cannot a poet lyricist like me write such stuff? Frankly speaking, such songs do not have a shelf life and lasts for just around eight days and are like the first rains. They come and go but looking at the need of the hour, one has to write

Do you think the music of your first film stand the test of time?

100%. The songs are part of the film. There are five songs in my film. There are emotional, romantic, item numbers etc, which people would love. “Naina Shaatir Bade” by Sukhwinder Singh, “Tere Kudi” by Mika, “Yeh Pyar Hai” by Javed Ali, the title track by “Jojo” and the item song Amul Maska by “Khushi Thakur”.

Which are your forthcoming films a as a lyricist as of now?

Love Ke Funday, Mumbai Dreams, Mumbai Shuklaji Street and a few untitled films.

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