Rishikesh Pandey to release a song featuring India’s best singers as a tribute to the Swachch Bharat campaign

Music director Rishikesh Pandey who turned rapper for the ‘Swatch Bharat campaign’ with success of ‘Swachch Indore’ will now create a song for as a tribute to the Swachch Bharat campaign with India’s 10 best singers.

Rishikesh has created, songs for states like Agra, Jaipur, Raipur, and Jabalpur, apart from Indore. When asked if he has a plan to go national wide he said, “After the love received from the first song received, I got the confidence and felt, this is something I should keep doing. Then I made songs for 5 cites that approached me after Indore’s success. Currently, I am working on songs for 25 different states. All these songs are for individual states, so I am also working on one song that will be on the national level. It will feature 10 best singers from India. That song is my tribute to the Swatch Bharat campaign for Modi-Ji.”

Pandey who is also a Filmmaker has written the lyrics and composed the music of the ‘Swachch Indore’ song.

When asked what drives him to make such socially relevant songs and target the ‘Swatch Bharat campaign’, he said, “As a director, I keep making videos to spread social awareness among people. When Modi-Ji brought forward the campaign of Swatch Bharat. It was a very big issue. And because of the campaign things were changing also, people were paying to attend to it. I thought it was high time, I became a proactive member of the campaign. If we take part, more like us will join in.”

Pandey so far has targeted many issues like girl child education, women empowerment through the song ‘School Chale Hum’ and ‘Vanar Sena’ based on the major social issue of Open Defecation.

When asked to elaborate on the 10 singers who will be part of the big project he said, “Shaan will be part of the project and we are approaching other singers like Shreya Ghoshal, Neeti Mohan, Javed Ali, Dev Negi, Nakash Aziz, and many more. We will come to the final names as and when more lyrics are added and the music is constructed. We are still working on it.”

Rishikesh’s production house ‘Hribom’ is also venturing into NGO activities to support and help grow the Swach Bharat campaign. ‘Hribom’ aims to reach remotes villages and help free them from social issues including spreading the message of Swatch Bharat campaign.  —-Akhlesh Singh (PRO)

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