Pareshaan Parinda – is a love story with gangster involvement in many shades”- Dr. Rachel Singh

18 Jan 2018, Mumbai : The upcoming Hindi movie Pareshaan Parinda-Ek bechara had its trailer launch on 18th January, 2018 at suburban preview theatre, Mumbai. Under the banner of Dreamz Production, the film is starring Meeraj Shah, Sakshi Singh, Pankaj Kumar, Avtar Singh Bhullar, King B Chouhan, KP Sandhu, Pallavi Sharma, Sadia Nabila, Ricky Sapuran Singh, Dave Sidhu, Sahil Sood, Sammy Gill and Naz Gill.

The cast and crew present at the event was the director Devesh Pratap Singh along with Producer and writer Dr. Rachel Singh. The writer Altaf Hussain along with film distributor Manoj Nandwana was also present at the event. The singer Tapeshwar Kalia was also making his presence with much excitement. The actors Pankaj Kumar and Avtar Singh Bhullar were present at the event, making the event very splendid.

The film is about two strangers who unknowingly ran into each other one night and when they got up next day, they were quite shocked. Neither of them can remember the previous night events and cannot recollect how they got there in the first place. The boy (Neel) is an average middle class IT professional and working in Sydney and the girl (Mini) belongs to a gangster family of Sydney. She is the daughter of a crime boss. Little did he know this was a fatal mistake getting involved with the underworld? Neel has a girlfriend and she was very upset with the scenario and asks Neel to solve the mess but Mini’s gangster uncles create confusion. He takes some decision and with that some consequences come and in one night his life changes.


The director Devesh Pratap Singh quoted “Pareshaan Parinda is a youth centric film, as they are the driving force of this generation. The audience will connect to the story and will get glued to their seat.Pareshan Parinda is an engaging but fresh concept of youth, how they deal with their day to day situations, circumstances and how they sort it out in their own way. By this film, the perspective towards youth will definitely change. He further goes on to say that the film has thepotential of starting discussions, including giving good share of funny moments sending one to fits of laughter and in the same breadth the audience will take home a message. Pareshaan Parinda’s cast has come up to his expectations and hoping it will also impress the audience. When he got the concept it was a big challenge but at the same time very exciting to convey the message through today’s youth.

The producer, editor, writer and art director Dr. Rachel Singh quoted “Pareshaan Parinda is a clean family film, with the message for youth and it’s a today’s generation story. The film is a love story which comes along with a gangster involvement in many layers and shades. She also says the film has been most beautifully shot in Sydney and Singapore and is a sheer treat to the eyes. The cinematography is great and the songs are of different genre of foot-tapping and melodious songs which enhances the beauty of the film. As they are working with international actors who have bare connections in Bollywood is their biggest challenge and they hope they will overcome the challenge and will prove themselves.  The film will surely be loved by the cinema goers and I am extremely excited bringing this story that is truly inspirational.”

The film is entirely shot at various locations of Sydney and Singapore. The film is set to release on 16th February, 2018.

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