On The Mark – Success Story Of A Father – Son Duo

Everybody love to watch Cinema , these days we found an interesting thing in Hollywood as well as Bollywood film industry that there are two persons named as Aaditya Pratap Singh, an actor and a film producer and Dr Bhanu Pratap Singh, a director and a writer  who are making films. They started their debut with the film Mantostaan which was  based on four stories of Saadat Hassan Manto, the movie also was premiered at Cannes Film Festival.

While interviewing Dr Bhanu Pratap Singh and Aaditya Pratap Singh, They told us that they enters in Bollywood as well as in Hollywood industry just following their hobby not as a business person. Dr Bhanu Pratap Singh is doctor by profession and is  officer in RNTCP Department  and Aaditya Pratap Singh is working in a multinational company in capital city New Delhi . They like to make some unique kind of film . Recently after Mantostaan, they made The Strong Faith which was very popular in YouTube and selected in many International Film Festivals .Dr. Singh told us that they are making a film based on Mahatma Gandhi titled  “Gandhi Memorabilia” Its teaser was recently launched for now with actress Daria Kosheleva , But according to demand of the film they are trying to replace actress with pop star Selena Gomez .

Dr Bhanu Pratap Singh also Collects ancient coins which is around 1000 to 3000 Year old coins. He is having world’s largest collection on Mahatma Gandhi Ji as Example Books , Coins , Rare Banknotes Spectacles, Charkha and items related to Mahatma Gandhi . While talking to film producer Aaditya Pratap Singh, he told that he wants everybody should know about the collection of his father so he started a Web Series in You Tube and one he uploaded which was very popular in all social in that he Casted Divya Agarwal From Splitvilla.  Next He is planning ancient coins of India with many artists like RitsBadiani , Prachi Desai and Asmita Arora who is a famous blogger from capital city New Delhi. Aaditya Pratap Singh and Dr Bhanu Pratap Singh is also making Gandhi And His Thoughts, 12th January , Ancient Coins Of Chhattisgarh. Dr Bhanu Pratap Singh is also Having many International records.

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