HASEENA  Passed Without A Single Cut For ADULTS ONLY

Harsh Dream Ventures and Khushi Films’ HASEENA  been passed by the CBFC without any cut and for Adults Only. The film is slated for release on 12th january 2018 all over.  . Cast:  Mohit Arora, Ankur Verma,Arpit Soni,Inayatt Sharma,(as Haseena) newfind Khyati Sharma,Neelam Pandey,Moushumi Malik, Mushtaq Khan,Manjeet Singh Bitoo,Master Sujal,Rishi Azaad  and many others.  Producers: Jeetendra Vaghadia and Vicky Ranawat. Director: Vicky Ranawat. Co-producers: Saral Ranawat,Chetan B.Vaghadia. Writer: Rishi Aazad..DoP: B.N. Mishra. Lyrics- Music:Shahid Bawa (U.K.),Vishnu Narayan, D. Harmony. E.P.:  Vinod Moolchandani (Plus Pictures).


HASEENA Passed By Censors Without a Single Cut

HASEENA which has been directed by Vicky Ranawat has at last been cleared by the censors without a single cutand for Adults only. The film has plenty of bold scenes never seen before in a Bollywood film and is now eagerly awaited for release. The screens will now become hot once HASEENA comes on 12th january 2018 all over in the cinema halls. Inayatt Sharma has played the boldest role of her career so far.

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