Being Tusshar Dhaliwal and Archana Tomer introducing Rumana Sinha Sehgal

The pursuit of the undiscovered and the passion to present to the word various art forms and artistes with a keen sense hb of social entrepreneurship, are the driving forces behind Serendipity and Rumana Sinha Sehgal. This multi-talented mother of two young boys, is an Engineer and was a corporate professional with Fortune 500 companies like Oracle & ADP. Rumana turned into an entrepreneur when she started Serendipity in 2012.

Rumana was also the Chairperson for the Young wing of Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs of India-Young COWE, supporting and mentoring young women entrepreneurs as they start off on their own. Additionally, Rumana also served on the Executive Board for COWE – the Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs.

Rumana’s Serendipity specializes in Papier Mache, Furniture and articles made from recycled products like tyres, 3D art and sculptures made of varied materials like Plaster of Paris, Wood and Fibre Glass.

Her recent achievement was winning the Mrs India Universe International 2017 at the  Mrs India Universe 2017 paegent.


Rumana is also interested in performing arts, her maiden production, Hyderabad Shuffle – a fusion of Jazz Music and Contemporary dance performed in Hyderabad in the summer of 2012.

Rumana also does event designing for Corporate, School and private events.

The Papier Mache furniture line was showcased at the COWE Trade Carnival in June 2013. Her 3D sculptures are also installed in one of Mumbai’s largest play centres, “Play Around”. She was also a key supporter of the well renowned Dr. Bhaktiar Choudhary’s photography exhibition in aid of “Friends of Snakes Society” at the Muse Art Gallery in Marriott Hyderabad.


She has actively contributed towards the social causes for ” Fight Against Rape” HIFW-season 4 and ” Save the Girl Child” at HIFW-2015 as part of their show to support the cause.

Over the years, Rumana has focused more on Social Entrepreneurship combined with encouraging young and upcoming artistes as they start their own artistic journeys.


1.Women Economic Forum WEF’17 Iconic Women Leader Creating a Better world for all ( Annual WEF Summit , May 2017 , New Delhi)

2.Women’s Glory Women Achievers Award for Social Entrepreneurship – July 2017

3.Women Economic Forum WEF’17 Iconic Women Leader Creating a Better world for all (Regional WEF Summit , Jan 2017)

4.Women of Inspiration Award-Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs of India Nov’17

5.Represented at the GES’17 (8th Global Entrepreneurship Summit ) which was co-hosted by USA & India. -Nov’17

6. Mrs India Universe International 2017

7. Mrs India Universe Hyderabad 2017

8. Mrs India Universe Iconic eyes 2017

9. Featured in Coffee table book Women Glory – Success Stories of Women from South India -July2017

10. Brand Ambassador for Project -Recycling Life , an initiative by Meridian School, Hyderabad.

11.T he Lady -Women Achievers Award for Social Entrepreneurship -2015.

12. Decade of Excellence Award for contribution in Social Entrepreneurship and Art at the Women’s International Summit for Entrepreneurship (WISE) – 2014.

13. Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs of India Award for the Best Entrepreneur for the Year for Social Entrepreneurship and Art -2012-13

14. As a part of Women’s Voice -A Women’s Glory initiative, she has been a pioneer in rendering support and guidance to women across.

15. Developed innovative and functional “Green” products by recycling different materials Creative use of non-biodegradable materials, thus enhancing their useful life. Has built a highly motivated team, providing them with enhanced skills and livelihood.

———–Compiled by Arun Singh of ADS Media Station.

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