Amruta Fadnavis,Poonam Dhillon at the Annual Conference of Ear-Eye & Throat in Mumbai

Doctor’s contributions to the society can  never be paid back.They deserve the due recognition for their selfless work.Medical tourism is at rapid growth in our country as the cost of treatment is affordable.Amruta Fadnavis,Poonam Dhillon and delegation from the doctor’s community  showed their presence at the annual conference of ear,eye and throat in Mumbai.Amruta Fadnavis lighted the lamp for the conference and talked about the contribution of doctor’s in society as well as she later enthrall audience with her melodies voice singing an old classic .W




hile speaking to media Amruta Fadnavis talked about the co-operation which the government expect from the  doctor’s fraternity and the support the government willingness to support the doctor’s fraternity.There was also the facilitation ceremony to the renowned doctor’s from the ear & eye specialisation for their contribution in the medical field.

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