Adhyayan Suman Wows With His Debut Song

Adhyayan performs Saareyan Nu Chaddeya live as the video releases online

Thursday evening reverberated with the peppy music and fresh voice of debut singer Adhyayan Suman as he performed his first single Saareyan Nu Chaddeya to a packed audience. The actor-singer decided to release his video and perform live at a suburban Mumbai lounge.

Excited and nervous, Adhyayan said, “My music is a very important part of who I am. I hope I am able to communicate it in a small measure through this song.”

Singers like Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chauhan, Aditya Narayan and many others have already appreciated Adhyayan’s debut.

Such is Adhyayan’s belief that he decided to record the song without any vocal training since he didn’t want to lose the raw edge his voice has.

The video has top Italian model Jeniffer Piccinato featured opposite Adhyayan and been shot completely in Goa.

It took the actor-singer four months and 29 drafts to get the song right and he says the song is a bag of emotions for him. He adds, “This song is a journey from being called a failure on national television to meeting a beautiful soul friend who inspired me to create this song.”

Adhyayan was supported by one of the country’s biggest music producers ​Abhijeet Vaghani in the production of the song.

Composed by Adhyayan’s friend and renowned singer composer Harshit Chauhan, this song has elements of love, happiness and dance. The video has been directed by Shakti Hasija and choreographed by Rajit Dev.

Adhyayan hopes the song will be the party song for this season especially on New Year’s Eve

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