Actor Ribbhu Mehra aka DJ Ribz takes Goa by Storm

‘Yeh Hain Mohabbatein’ actor Ribbhu Mehra who plays Nikhil on the show is a popular DJ famous in the metro cities of India who goes by the name DJ Ribz. This multi-talented individual is not only entertaining the audience onscreen but off screen too.

This New Year’s Eve, Ribbhu, grooved the night away for party lovers in the most preferred cities of India for the craziest parties, Goa. Playing at Goa’s grandest New Year bash at Testo Waterfront, Ribbhu rocked it all the way with his mix of Bollywood & EDM tunes.


He says, “I’ve loved performing in Goa so much that I shall try and take time out to do one gig every month here”.

His gaining popularity was proven by the fact that this party was the most sold out one across the nation & the most hyped one. It is interesting to see the actor take time for his passion for music whenever he gets an opportunity.


Author: admin